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work the author calling attention to the fact that such

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ceases. Yet it is sometimes found by itself without any

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town councils to acquire by agreement or failing agreement by

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with the subject matter in condensed form is splendidly

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is a chapter in itself and too long for description

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tions and particular junctures may make them necessary

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unless the thermometer indicates some disturbance of the system

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ration there then an incision must be made in the gum.

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had increased to fifty nine. No patient was treated

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that we thoroughly understand the case or shall we modify it

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constructions because of the child s lack of infor

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New York Postgraduate Medical School and Hospital to

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This case is reported chiefly on account of the presence

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jaundice no general abdominal tenderness. The history

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us and we inspected the X ray plates. The operating room

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additional injections each of one quarter grain morphine

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