at the International Electrical Congress of St. Louis Journal of
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changed by the severest wounds and mangling. And that
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true that the greater part of the mortality comes in
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Medical and SoaoiCAi. Casu Occurring in thi Prji i rm
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creted blood that remains within. Then the woman s thighs
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the wound is made there is an opening toward the inferior
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mittcd by Dr. Flint without discussion for the reflection of the
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drinking frequently in the time of meals. Tis necessary
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insects and often against the green of the mountain the won
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not proper either in acute or increasing disorders except
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find that there is a strictly quantitative relation be
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Greeks is called arseniconf this in all respects has the
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a room not in the least degree disordered. Doctors can
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a clyster either of water or the cream of ptisan then
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breaks out about the ears. And as every tumour of long
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ity than if there were the usual pressure on the left
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X HE crusts eschars of ulcers are resolved by wheat
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ordinary railway trucks the buffers caught him over
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itching disappears the excoriations heal and repair
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illustration represents the conditions as found pre
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paired and after relief of the obstruction the kid
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times it is barren with great bunches of pampas grass nodding
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chemical centre or nervous centre which controls oxidation in
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eat through by the thread heals whilst the remainder
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then such as most effectually cherishes heat. But if there
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ihylenedisahcyHc acid and serves to distinguish from that
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ed keen eyed rather pale man about forty years of age came
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in the Female. Tncliulina Such as Are Incidental to Ges
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with a slightly curving double row of solid columns supporting
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to the public and to his patient fifth the tendency
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such applications must be used as will gently eat away the
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according to some authors was the disciple of the last
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domain. All is dignified and in perfect harmony with com
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collect the ashes and garbage at night without fuss
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Transactions of the Thirty third Annual Meeting of the
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dence furnished in connection with application and exami
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fit of its spirit was accorded him. This historic in
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The j laster should be in strips from an inch to an
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down by flesh and tendons and a little more inclined to
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tarded tedious and laborious labours in fully 85 per cent develop
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Hippocrates and so it is rendered by Foesius i hough uirfAoc will bear
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lack of danger in most instances of proper surgical
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British Guiana and Brazil on south by Brazil on west by
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Of abscesses. j j. gj Jjj abgeesses yet a larger coUec
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and ignatia known as Dowd s tonic was given and in a
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cases described as due to ulcer there is not a lesion
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ea lege delativs aliqnando fuit barbilonsor aui alicui in platea vcnam
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still greatly increased if at the same time the pulsation of
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iliac peristalsis with considerable pain even after
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The laboratories are new and are equipped with the very

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