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such loss is not confined to the medical profession.
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and is entirely able to take care of herself in all respects.
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chief cause of the failures to secure beneficial re
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Sometimes though seldom a delirium arises from fear
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were kept down by a pillow placed in front of thetyi. He
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curial treatment with a course of cacodylate injec
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On Monday January 10th I was consulted by Dr. Heywood
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to the discussion of strangulation of uterine annexa
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cause of the danger of strangulation and inability to
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also proper to apply upon the breast till it produce ul
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duplicated by those from dogs in which the auricles
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the bone both finds some resistance and comes out moist.
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the author states provisionally the existence of the
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tils with the addition of betes or endive or cichory or
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ific. He feels unable to decide whether the local OT
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and haemorrhages. Cold causes sometimes convulsions
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neous layer one of ten seconds attacks the papillary
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Much of the efliciency of that excellent body of na
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on both sides with ink where it may be perforated and
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double it sprouts from thence too and fills up the void

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