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Against hem If hemlock let the patient drink as much
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difficult to define the exact limitations of the pus
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from other institutions because of bad habits etc.
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two days before the mother again noticed a swelling
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phase of the relations between the physician and his
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spot that his genius made possible and that he saw rise from
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cision and a thorough evacuation of pus if present
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tivity of the intestine or the force required to carry
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that grows narrower cot far from the end if possible it
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with oil applied and such cataplasms as at the same time
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efficient and irritative effects are less apt to be met
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had no vertigo since the operation. This is a case fairly
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ulcer promptly and subject it to a timely operation
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All medical cases are treated here and minor surgical opera
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bumin no sugar amorphous urates and mucous threads
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ohoreio movements having returned about ten day previously.
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the chest and when he draws a full breath there is deficient
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very thin shell some showed a well marked operculum
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the cure of wounds are of three kinds i digestive or
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hospitals of the cities in which the schools are situated which
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and splints must either not be put upon the processes of
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in his section of the country must have a hard time of it.
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sisting of plain sterilized gauze and cotton or gauze
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the author has found it sufficient to avulse a large
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the quantity given should be diminished or the food
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pear reddish or purplish spots of purpura especial
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appeal to chemistry for their elucidation have been
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be fractured and that sometimes happens in the fore part
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be of such a consistence as not to drop off a probe and
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are now carefully studTecl by many men well trained in
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bia and India. The best is firm large compact and pungent to the
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But if the pains are severe blood must be taken away
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over it must be sprinkled twice a day with vinegar alone
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a considerable quantity of serosanguinous exudate escaped.
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and old people and in pregnant women is not an old prac
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or who docs not know whether it is scientificallv cooked
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went to another county and applied to Doctor Miller to
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intelligent workers are in a position to accomplish
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into consideration that the school in Santiago has a seven
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ered at the operation to be present probably as the
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times found small spaces presenting a sievelike ap
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Thirteenth.Annual Conference Held in New York City
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were discussed and recommended for our consideration Dr.
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es from other foreigners who were not physicians where
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