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jected into the circulation of another dog that is in

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Upon admission he had a rectal temperature of 100.4 and

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Ophthalmology xv p. 498 1906. Journal of the American Medical

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Spleen about two and a half times the natural size tissue

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as it were ulcerated. By the Greeks they are called

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is merely aspirating out the softened tissue rather

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be determined to get up. This he did on the fortieth day

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patient and to make trial of one thing after another. Re

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or course a household word in Ecuador and the feeling of

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ternal inguinal ring instead however of taking the usual

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harmony to a retrogressive discord and degeneracy.

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hygienic in every particular. The institution throughout

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this country and his friendship and admiration for Dr. WiUiam

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If the disorder abates which sometimes does not happen

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