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The oldest pharmacopeias in Europe were published by some

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In this brief note I wish to call attention to the value of

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thorities on this point would soon depopulate the earth but the

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tensity of these changes will depend upon the extent of the orig

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to cause disease and speaks wisely of hygiene of natural

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narians. Another CGO veterinarians are employed in the field inspec

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perhaps never so frequently left unregarded as here. It is

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mere body patcher and pill carrier has almost disappeared

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But it must not be forgotten that both the color and tur

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Thus hi specialization in the arts and sciences subject becomes of major

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Alabama Polytechnic Institute. Since thci summer session salaries are one

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graduation may wffi designate the minimum for this intermediate

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phine atropine combination for the relief of pain. In fact after

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tionally but never organically 3. Neurasthenia hysteria and

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forming ferment from the liver and according to his assumption

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All material for publication should be submitted on a3 1 2 computer diskette

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Aristides omits in order to come to the wonders of his

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linked that colleges which do not have provision for research should

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