University of New Hampshire. Teacher training and graduate work.
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Keef ing the number.of student teachers low does not always make
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the need for some form of general education appropriate to modern
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teacher training. At least two years of w rk above
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every two or three hours. For Children of more tfon three
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and secondly Santyl a chemical combination of santalol with
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tion in all forms of febrile wasting and which it also merits in
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and what they should either avoid altogether as being decidedly
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the case may remain obscure till cleared up by post mortem
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slow to become alkaline even after large and long continued
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troduction into the body of many of the diseases of parasitic and
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tive work than ever before. Methods of farming are changing
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stood a little way off from the head of an old woman
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able one. Since Hoffmann s time the malady has been repeatedly
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quently relites the greater part of the pain. After the prelimi
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kept before the profession and it would be specially interesting
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rule occur in which the heart s sounds are comparatively very
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vancp education by helping those engaged in It. The Instruction adapted
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gists who have not sufficient self respect td gt throw off their
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disease I have occasionally observed a simple moderate over
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lishment of the catamenia. This relapsing form of chlorosis
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that are taken toward the development of junior college work for the
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dict death in from 48 to 72 hours when without adequate
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was lost at the time of the Eenaissance but the text is
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analogous cases have lately been met with elsewhere is proved.
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ena in the highest perfection. Patients of this sort often become
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jurious the fatty acids as such always deserve the preference.
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much. Your strength has inspired me in unbelievable ways. I could never

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