tertian fever. The benefit may be attributed to the
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often exists in the body for years without producing any sign of
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who are otherwise well developed the aorta may be so narrow
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imperfection of the vascular system be associated with impaired
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gestion of the glycerides as drugs is superfluous and may be in
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condition of the digestive organs comes up for consideration.
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larger quantities up to six and eight litres daily are nothing
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I need only add that although the elimination of uric acid in
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of the blood and tissues p. 311. Hence a liberal admixture of
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hygiene and sanitation especially adapted for prospective teachers.
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tained congratulations and the reminder that many of our prescriptions
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creased entrance requirements until faculties are brought up to a
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The dryness of the mouth and throat thus occasioned explains
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pulmonary disease which since Laennee went under the desig
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ing and christened after the latter as the Banting System
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nevertheless their ingestion may be limited and they may be
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This at least is the case with the homologous fats see p. 623.
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merits of any new products they must be able to demonstrate that
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lessened delayed or suppressed than unaffected or increased by chlorosis yet that
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the hard variety of malignant lymphoma is characterized by a
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they lose all control of the care and treatment which are assumed
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We shall see the whole importance of these protective bodies
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There are two other conditions in which this drug has been
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food. We should not follow a fixed rule and prescribe the same
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hours comparatively happy J Called again at 1 30 and re
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progressive and pernicious character of this strange disease force
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Practically the hospitals proclaim to this class of patients
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lon in Great Britain. Here in the United States feticide has
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ices sweet grapes and particularly raisins dates and preserved and candied fruits
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cases had been noticed and described before but they excited no
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idiopathic anaemia 2 presence in a more or less distinct form
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Whether this object may be best attained by the administration of antizymotic
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of Citium to raise a temple to Aphrodite for it was
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For this reason the record of any case has its great value.
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ing day. Important as bodily activity unquestionably is for
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which is sufficiently characteristic in an anatomical as well as
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you to hear them. If you think we are wrong our pages are
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service demanded of the veterinary j rofession is gradually becom
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publication a letter of encouragement written to you by a physician of
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powder either of the following on a piece of gauze or absor
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institutional staff members so utilized. Many of the institutions
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even at the present time is usually much the same for prospective

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