lhat ti allied vocational teachers in lb28 was 140. Seventy one gave

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teachers to be required will of course be increased proportionately.

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New YorA. Distribution Minimum of six hours in each of seven

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The head of the summer session is selected generally by the presi

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It has already been mentioned above that no definite relation

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was brought into the light of day by Hippocrates who

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If we intended to describe all the phenomena arising under

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for home making in its present early stages is more a matter of

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to the blood not having been previously defibrinated and it is

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according to the general opinion of his contemporaries possesses

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pnoea but only progressive motor paralysis occur when the

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pose a priori that this power is derived solely from the peculiar

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mud poultices at present upon the market all of them of very

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this in mind we shall not fail to interpret the murmurs aright

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power in the tissues which prevents their undergoing perpetual

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undergo destructive change necrobiosis easily explained by

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Of course the best plan when the health is in a precarious

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prevent a healthy woman when pregnant from losing her health

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enabled me Mother you are my closest friend. Your unfailing forgiveness

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place so much water escapes with the sensible excreta particu

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the island stood an obelisk of imperial times repre

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symptom of several diseases. The loss of your child s hearing

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ings. Two of these institutions report very satisfactory results

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and as unyielding as a rock. I immediately made up my

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of any sufficient cause for this malignity and the addition of

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as perform administrative duties. This confirms the results in Table

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power in vitro was slight but the practical therapeutist has been

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able circumference especially when the skin has been extensively

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sick people in this way. They reside in the monastery

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absorption of oxygen and that portion of the excess of oxygen

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influence toward the improvement of the whole rural education

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nitude in the more vascular nerve centres especially the gray

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place according to our ideas in regard to ferments it is not at

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Out of the multiplicity of drugs official and non official each

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often give rise to all the protean manifestations included under

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reason that the magical power of interdiction resident in the life

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Yes the problem of the limitation of offspring is one of the

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recovered. Later in the same month he had another hemor

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the fowl. That haemoglobinuria in the human subject whatever its cause may also

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for individual study and reports on problems of instruction and

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pilgrimages come to it and processions and festal per

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was found by three investigators independently in different parts

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physicians who following Koch s discovery of the tubercle bacil

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would fail to explain why it is that neither convulsions nor dys

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student organizations but these are not very satisfactory substitutes

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shall only mention mercury antimonials particularly recom

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