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fact that these diseases are generally complicated with lesions of

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The prognosis in anaemia depends primarily on the intensity

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the number of veterinarians was also quite close. A part of this can

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sweating. No causal connection can therefore be established

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The history of transfusion shows how this idea has actually

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Everybody knows that this prolongs life while making it very

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my training and have grown into fine young men with excellent values and

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when a physician calls for a drug made by a particular firm he

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the axilla J. Vogel and Dickinson. It is generally patients

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ibi the stomach simple occlusion of the outlet of the stomach and

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which unethical and whether they are prescribing the former and

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etc.. Thus a mechanical dropsy often becomes associated with that caused by the

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Of the 15 institutions that follow one or another form of ap

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structural changes slight at first and subsequently coarser

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spindle shanked member of the class I think I could mention

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Wickham Legg Ueber die Folgen des D. Stiches nach dem Zuschnuren der

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opium and morphine. Foster also saw it in one case diminish

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tainly comparatively few from a distance of more than 25 miles. If

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ever entering our portals. With the sole exception of Wednes

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in the blood is usually far smaller in chlorosis than in any save

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cases in fact occur in which the disease is produced not under

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of the saints but declares it to be an evil phantasy

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Fauconneau Duf resne s theory according to which the lungs

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same manner will give rise to pain and irritation so that this

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bustion in the blood. After Mialhe s theory of impeded combus

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observed in human beings after a mild attack of glandular tuber

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States from which out of State students come and Federal aid.

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ing to recent observations the causes of this are to be found in

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phine will deaden pain strychnine and alcohol will stimulate

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as the functional restoration of the active muscles requires a

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is to 20 in its optical rotation the better and safer the drug.

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had to be made. According to the interpretation the

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toms that is in our language the evidences of disturbed func

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him daily. The symptoms in his case were covered by the symp

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to it its proper pathological position. The first prospect of a

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F. Barker Recent Advances in the Prevention and Cure of

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decided predilection for the scrofulous constitution. Regard

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encountered which caused a marked reduction of nitrates to

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troduction into the body of many of the diseases of parasitic and

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