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veteran prostitutes and some who have been long given over

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as a result and because of small enrollment the State does not feel

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patient s constitution and therefore shows a tendency to resist

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apt to develop in the course of practice of venery. Hysteria

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attributed to St. Therapon. The account is as follows

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appreciate the opportunity held out by that body to enable the

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elementary courses may be given they are designed not to serve the

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ticularly with the question of the origin of animal fat.

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for opposing the reading of Dr. Wiley s paper which was rather

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cures were also patronised. Baths drove out demons.

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absolutely worthless worthless as just so much plain water.

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absolute amenorrhcea is much less common than has hitherto been thought.

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been present but nobody had seen him in our Section So Mr.

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The interesting diversity in the behavior of the menstrual

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But I suppose you have to show your employers that you are

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tem certainly appears mild and which does not gain in pleasant

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of home economics teachers having the bachelor s degree as the

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Schultzen s proposition is however superfluous at least even

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with food rich in cytogenic material when possible therefore

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