covered the needs for business training was by keeping records of the

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in an agricultural college as is now the case in certain States.

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method and this blood was found to produce exactly the same poisonous effects

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the same conditions which induce uricacraia will in

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ously without perceptible determining causes an essential treat

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Oklahoma Agricultural a nd Mechanical College. The Importance of separate

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was the least important part of medicine or was entirely

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This huge mass of material was not found in written

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qualified individuals to acquire by competently directed learning

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dom at Ethics which is only Self interest or worse Hypoc

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well attended and the exhibitors expressed themselves as satis

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included among the complications and sequelae as among the

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of conscripts declared to be unlit for military duty on account of

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of mechanic arts and Engineering psychology Is In the division of education

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during the paroxysm. The commencing failure of the heart

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requires for the attainment of Ita general e lt Jucatlonal purp4 ses.

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is true that some manufacturers advise the doctors to prescribe in

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lar metamorphosis is usually active the current of the vital

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This sloughing left a raw suppurating arch in the roof of his

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In charge In live Institutions the head of a department of tScal home

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of diabetes in a morbid transformation of the glycogen of the

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presence of sugar in the urine was either not alluded to or was

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lous individuals the author discovered tubercles in nine but every one of them

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or irritating the tissues. But before such an ideal gonocide

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any connection with syphilis if we except one of Hodgkin s

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training funds used in this program. In addition according to

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which considerably exceeds ttie normal level before the venesection and may attain

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paragraph of the chapter on clay poultices and this chapter

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necessary to go into any wide discussion concerning the physio

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of the two salts together Benecke 2 1.11 grammes of phosphate

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guano potato bugs anthracite coal plant lice toads rotten po

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secreting surface is urgently indicated. Such remedies will often

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Veterinary science requirements. About a third of the institu

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