La Paz Municipal August 5 6 and 7 National Holidays
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suria to the six cases heretofore recorded. The case
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the writer of this letter is not sadly mistaken that
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interest to those interested in comparative anatomy and it
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creted by the cells of all tissues Wolf asserts that
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amination of the bladder showed only a normal viscus.
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or pieces of cloth or sordid wool or even linen moistened
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having graduated from the Medical Department of the Uni
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clinical and experimental contribution of Clairmont
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wound was closed with continuous catgut No. i suture
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victor the State withheld from him the honors and re
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jection. They were then employed in cases of leprosy
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ology in the University of Cincinnati. The 1911 Cart
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for the treatment of eyes. The treatment of eyes either
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of this palace which is situated in a country where tropical
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mercial basis leaving behind its high resolves. Learn from its
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a specific history. Four weeks before he came under ob
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fcvhether we should use these vaccines promiscuous
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with a fever and violent and constant pains of the head she
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ther with medicines or the actual cautery till it be morti
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of the other arm. Little or no reaction takes place
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this manner. We must rub all the part with Cimolian
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it is proper to drink plenty of tepid water and to vomit.
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much of the time while the patient was wrapped in the wet sheet.
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these to be dissolved by medicines and when the bone is
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This abscess was opened freely in the most dependent part
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In 1920 a Committee on Credentials was appointed of which
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to these parts by the blood stream and the lymphat
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around opening. History as testified during the trial
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stances make that difficult to an ignorant person which is
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Another interesting head of a department of the Institute is
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indications as is demanded by a few authors. Each case
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after. Two years later a baby girl arrived which was

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