tary services of all graduates and students of land grant colleges

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organization is not veiy extensive if there is a dean of education

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colleges. They arc courso s pro gt er for college students and their

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Case 4. I refer to this case only to show the antitoxic

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must meet certain minimum qualifications in respect to training and

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the surrounding tissues are already infected hence our inci

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Another part of the questionnaire was designed to reveal the extent

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ally regarded favorably. Four institutions University of Cali

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of elective subjects are best presented by pioting the reports made by

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bator and in fact more frequently than in excessive venery by

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it is not found in them at all under conditions in which glycogen

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form and requires qualification. In this way one of the most

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Of other symptoms caused by lymphoma in certain regions

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of intercurrent morbid processes especially those of a febrile

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engage in instruction in commerce and business those responsible

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University of Fermonf. Financial limitations limited facilities.

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units the proteids were increased to no to 160 grams the fats to

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salaries United States Bureau of Education Bulletin 1920 No.

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male requires from about 500 to 700 grammes from sixteen to

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titioners and the divine physicians formed rival camps

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from the laity but we do not refuse any orders which come

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operations in women are the result of gonorrheal infection while

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period of life has more of an accidental character and takes a

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Reference Dunn s Report and any Bank in Springfield

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Than never to tell the truth for fear of making a mistake.

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albuminous articles of diet may be enumerated milk lightly

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