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bills of health the ship s papers the Public Health
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tinum rectum. All these parts are covered by the omen
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vated a genuine liking in a short space of time. The dining
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and subsequently bilious matter. I saw him first on the
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umes devoted to the description of measures which have
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gerous condition and would soon be beyond relief that
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strong bone graft for an internal splint which would
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middle of it it will heal the more readily for being open
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lishes a boundary line and the condition can be re
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of the holes are then also to be adapted. The arm being
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same time of life the cure Is equally difficult when a pain
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while short periods of rest show very little effect
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directed to two specific objects First the repeal of the
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tinct below it however the pulsation was very feeble.
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We then drove to the American Embassy where I had an
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dent Dr. Juvenal Denegri occupied a seat at the center table
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control and regulation to avoid overheating and in
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Meetings of Local Medical Societies to be Held during
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review is unnecessary. While the plan of the book itself I
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Frofessor.Idaini Remains at McGill. Tuberculosis Hos
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sixty eight years of age and has been married about two
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days extension of annual leave on account of sickness
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f the cases just cited. The writer does not fail to
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into a negative one or vice versa. Sterilization of
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way possible. Dr. Mariaca in his capacity as Dean called a
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