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and patron. Local characteristics and superstitions
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of preparation of collegiate grade should be required for entrance
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nipping of this function in the bud though acting in a similar
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which he has no knowledge except the most superficial dis
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any office he is likely to become careless arrogant and so many
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not print your advertisement in exchange for an assortment of
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but that increased numbers will be required. Mention has already
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near as possible to the Madonna s picture. As in the
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The sugar which forms the characteristic element of the
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What of the economic aspect of the problem It is an in
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disappearing when the chlorotic state is done away with. I shall
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In conclusion to avoid any possible misunderstanding I will
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os and chronic endocervicitis is set up purely a gonococcal
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the hyoscine alone will not have this effect neither will
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bring on symptoms of chlorosis. For instance girls who in
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that traditional and present practices will be modified by a demo
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agree with Seegen in attributing greater value in this respect to
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The patient s appetite is sometimes normal sometimes im
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scarcely be considered as a perturbative procedure favoring the

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