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Btate College of Washington. Regular organization functions in the plan

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employed for the latter purpose are the preparations of quinine

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rights of citizenship. Besides several general articles Vol. IV

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be admitted that the difference is very marked. For instance

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freshmen are instructed by staff members below the rank of professor.

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prescribe a combination in which the active principle becomes

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concerning the certification of teachers was frequently noted in

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This is a beautiful example of bureaucracy run mad. Give a

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plicated cases. I allude especially to the three diseases with

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puzzle in the former as in the latter class of cases. No cause

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and the resistances opposed to its onward movement. Inasmuch

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there is an equally vast difference between the interruption of a

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and a few fields they probably represent with fair accuracy what

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arsenauro can be given for months without upsetting the gastro

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