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room in the inn to a small infirmary used in the summer

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amined rectally for the possible presence of an early

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or on that to which it points. In the first case it returns

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great numliers while no history of dysentery or diarrhea

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doses of.sodium or potassium iodide rest in bed and

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batons sticks an inch in diameter and several feet long with a

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move his lower extremities. His physician found tne res

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the family physician was little thought of as he suc

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it and the part filled with warm barley meal and thus

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course to this instrument. We must be sensible however

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which phosphorus is present. It is a constituent of

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bacterial products that I have done the patient any

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the jaws the origins of the muscles made gentle incisions

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Guibe notes that the treatment of this condition may

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detailed explanation of these facts and observations

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the factors that influenced the end results were the

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medy of the first of which a cyathus may be supped and

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convulsions there is only a profound sleep. In some

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may be the differences of opinion among sanitarians

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jections also through the course of the injections

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Suffice it to say that one species of bacteria causes

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field of usefulness. Properly to infiltrate a given

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and will stand relieved from active duty in the Medical

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consists of one part of pyrites two of sulphur and three

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giving even implied authority to enter into a binding con

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tracted to the size of a lead pencil while there existed a

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was so deliberate and direct that Dr. Watkins and I could gain

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skin and suffer it to remain without pain and of the same

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the central opacity in the posterior surface of the cornea.

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firmly. The auricle is then turned forward over the

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production is far behind that obtained in the produc

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when the urine corrodes it and prevents it from being

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and pomegranate bark both boiled in wine must be laid on

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Morrison Color Blindness S. R. Kochler The Eucalyptus in

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refresh him to take vinegi.r and hold it in his mouth if

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conclusions i. Diplococcns rhcumaticus is the cause

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room greeted us cordially and conducted us to chairs. He is

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cosis due to her gluttonous habits. They were precipitated

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foot third and little toe. Two boys about the same size

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