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I death Mauritius Nov. 17 23 7 cases 3 deaths Natal Durban
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suffers almost inevitably from the effects of alcohol
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followed and the other parts of the body are restored yet
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tion of antibodies therefore it is not illogical to
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IVhat moistens exercise than ordinary frequent bathing a
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were Dr. John Henry liuddleston. secretary of the Acad
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stipating effects of the morphia while the other constituents
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ical Study of Its Nature Cailse. and the Principles of Its
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mounted on a Ford auto with flanged wheels which traversed
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seems to indicate Cassidy thinks that the treatment
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organization of the commission and to a general survev
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being the agent liy which the trypanosomes are conveyed
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boiled in mulse and half the quantity of turpentine resin
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X HERE are two kinds of areae. Both of them agree m
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unit of an international school in Panama for the study and
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few if any duties. Labor in South America is rapidly be
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spine disappeared. The child s general condition was
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their wives Senhora de Mendonga and her two daughters the
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don and the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Pub
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Following our visit Dr. Ricardo Palma who also has a
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fingers into the uterine cavity. To omit this precau
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whose duties are to furnish the men with all neces
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the doctor were alone that she hesitated about telling him
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closed and dropped and the upper end anchored in the
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rial stomatitis may be absolutely prevented by careful cleansing
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ing in contact and uniting with the ulcer so that it can
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again. However it may be secured by keeping the middle
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perforated either half through in a simple bone or the su
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described including dental caries and rhachitis. The ef
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applied to the nostrils or polenta sprinkled with wine or
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and the induration disappeared as the lesion healed.
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there is no febricula both gestation and walking are ser
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meatus. A chisel removes the bone close to its base

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