medicine is essential. It is not clear that the present tendency to

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we may judge from what we know about them at the present

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Boeotia and the shrine was of mysterious formation

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exists and may render that predisposition latent for a consider

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the history of mankind presents too many examples. The desire

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perienced the delights of properly cooked vegetables The

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passage through a disproportionately narrow channel somewhere

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conclude from the bacteriological findings alone that this

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recondite offense to refuse to help him to acquire property. So

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the circular. In each one of the nine drug stores a substitute

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remain two years and probably should not be en eouraged to remain

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medical Latin toxicology and methods of local treatment. By

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tions as a double session in 7 Georgia State College of Agriculture

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that some women cannot inhale without exciting these glands

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that she had experienced dozens of these attacks that a num

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just why we are unable to use all contributions offered. Un

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scribe ointments plasters food and drink by the same

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remaining will adhere to the skin and not fall into the milk pail.

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Ranks. Agricultural education staffs iave fared very well with

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posture and incomplete action of the affected muscles for ex

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Of course bad and over feeding plays its part in this havoc.

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department of journalism grows into a school of journalism.

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but when we have to deal with the avoiding of corpulence it is

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agar cultures taken off in physiologic salt solution to which was

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offering in token of their thankfulness. At this altar

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us to conclude that the anaemia is not symptomatic should the

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Table 1. Summer srhoola Staff o uI enrollment pear ended June 30 1928

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liver occasioned in most cases by a disturbance in the tract

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students will find opportunity to enroll In upper division major courses Und

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alter the composition of the blood almost always enable us to

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physicians. I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors.

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This irrigation is repeated twice a week as a rule but never

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exposed to various debilitating influences unhealthy dwellings

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secondary importance of laboratory and animal research as ap

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believe want of knowledge as immaturity of mind that is the

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Fides and while he slept by night after his resolve

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will absolutely neutralize and render harmless any of the corro

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Training in the related subjects of science and art with reference

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matching thfe Federal funds available for agricultural edMcation.

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know positively whether the sore is syphilitic or a local vene

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to collate the clinical facts we have ben considering and that is

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