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maladies of anaemia or of chlorosis. We have next to inquire

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metamorphosis those which containing a greater store of poten

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place either while the trophic and plastic processes go forward

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awful of all diseases tetanus lockjaw What has done it What

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is often said to be healed merely by presence in the

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factor decided many States in favor of establishing. a veterinary

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dead he ordered his servants to take him to the house

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teachers for positions outside the Smith Hughes field tlm teacher

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In a very large proportion of cases finally recovery is incom

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symptoms of anaemia on the present occasion I have not

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while in tolerable health was voiding 100 grammes of sugar

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cisms in extenso in the February issue. We thought of letting

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mately ns many teachers of agriculture as are required in its State.

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one of those things which a woman should resist on principle at

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children altogether then six diabetics amongst 16 550 patients. In Greifswald

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