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dominal pain. His temperature was 96 F. I soon took

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able by castration or resection of the vasa deferentia

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of a two per cent solution of pilocarpine into the right

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when we take meat or drink it shuts the wind pipe. Now

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Medical Electricity A Practical Treatise on the Applications of Electricity to

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the Intestines with a Fever Registration Apparatus in Various

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the varying conditions of weather and climate unaided by arti

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AT one o clock Dr. Clark came and took Dr. Watkins and

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fever and eruption. The cause is unknown although it is

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urinary acidity seemed to be slightly lowered by it.

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that of Hippocrates as even the more modern physicians

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The fact that alcohol when taken into the circulation augments

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application of the cups is easily checked by enemas

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