marasmus it is quite as important to cure the fever as to remove

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pulence and stand in more or less definite genetic connection

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wholesome nutritious and easily digestible will use no other

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excreted in abnormally large amount and that a chronic hydru

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between syphilis and scrofula must after all be admitted.

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To discuss milk and meat inspection comprehensively even

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digitalis is therefore evidently the first task of therapeutics

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ing from pearl disease. The question deserves however to be

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the disease invades the joints and starts inflammation in them or

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brother physicians I am now speaking to the readers and not

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drinking a mixture of honey and wine into which she

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been mentioned is intermittent even while the excretion of sugar

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the mediastinal and bronchial glands were enlarged to enormous

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officers with specific powers of this general type are functioning.

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demoniacs were restored to full possession of their

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tion instillation dilation. The drug par excellence in chronic

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species of tumor with which we are occupied bears in spite of

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the milk from his clothing or hands especially if he has not

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While admitting the contention that bastards are often persons

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defective constitution of the blood corpuscles compare p. 949

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and is therefore bound to achieve success. Its theapeutic value

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viz scientific development research and graduate work and prepa

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coinciding with the Editor s views it was promptly printed. If

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direction and supervision of the War Department. The General

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