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after treatment is illustrated in our opinion by the
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possibility of the amenorrhea being due to deficient
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to benefit yield to radium. With the latter the dis
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is considerable uncertainty. The older pathologists
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connection either with what goes before or follows. It is true Aqua
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he used as may separate the sloughs from the quick part
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ishing the opportunities for putrefaction in the in
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from the violence of the pain and because sometimes the
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to the surgeons of Bolivia was the subject of marked appro
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reason if upon receiving a violent blow bad symptoms
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been reported with bloody stools but this is rather
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have the old reading restored here nigrities colligi quidem potest. A black
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and flies are absent an imperishable monument to our revered
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u enital heart disease which have been reported still
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sitions of the stomach and a dropsical disorder and some
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purpose of assisting visitors to the museum of the Royal
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boundary zones as is illustrated in medifllary car
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joint or has penetrated either to the bladder or the lungs
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that the body of his patient be moist. It is necessary to
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London in 1888 He operated for intractable neuralgia sciatica
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paper as they are not germane to the title of the essay.
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little in the tepidarium anoint there and then go into the
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if it be coarse or made of barley cabbage if it be not
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So far as I could learn there seems to be no special provision
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peutics of diseases of children. It is a sure hypnotic
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accomplish as much as he used to. Not infrequently he
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cure no distemper without them. They have written a great
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termed the anti pumping bill was introduced and be
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help of reason if not always amongst the occult causes
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ject to the tax. A part of the class engaged in identically
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parts they believe no person can apply proper remedies to
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geons of quality. Our interview and discussion revealed the
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val of two hours he must be let down in a supine posture
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woman stands in need of strength after her cure to sup
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verbal explanation on the part of the teacher. The directions
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are both more tolerable and already established by cus
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