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Test tubes perfectly clean coated with neutral oil. Glass

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the uterine development so that when the child is born

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perforated and folded back on each side bent a little at

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a wound be in the surface or has penetrated deeper it is

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our Carlsbad Sprudel water or salts in this country.

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an episiotomy on the opposite side so as to facilitate

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comparative immunity from the disease enjoyed by the colored

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culiar skill but a boldness confirmed purely by custom.

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so that Delia Favera puts its frequency at four per

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point Including a Description of Gonorrhea in the Female

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medical man and we congratulate Dr. Levi upon having

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beach along the beach at Ipanema past the Country Club

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Stopped lest the strength be entirely exhausted and this

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intercostal space till the pleural cavity is reached

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and a saturated solution of sodium salicylate with cathar

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this series of cases there were positive diazo reac

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fore arm with its ends which are very narrow fixed over

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phraseology and we recommend the practitioner to read

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Rest in bed is surely indicated but it is useless to

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deformed and if the ends are pretty sharp continual prick

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vised to have lalior induced in the thirty seventh week but

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which causes the dilatation of the prethoracic veins

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are identical with those of auscultatory percussion.

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is doing very good work. We witnessed the closing session

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were slight and the remaining thirty three of medium severity.

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this happens not only in the arm pits and hams but like

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necessary for the study of insect flight and these were

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