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cine and the Medical Society of the County of New York.
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ought also to be used every where. That often too the
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VI. Hysteria The oldest example of hysterical mutism
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call arthritic and former English writers lithemic.
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work to nurses at an increased cost of 84 000 a year.
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things which he has often escaped without danger he
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she was not like herself and she knew where she was.
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tivitis pharyngeal cough buzzing in the ears labial
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ment of greater wonders than those already recorded.
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deserveth none having no credit neither should he be
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The tropical and temperate climates run their regular
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guide to the frequency of treatment to the strength
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general of the United States Public Health and Marine
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new preparation since October last we have not seen a
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bird reptile and fish families. The very complete and
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cylic acid on the other hand lowered the temperature and cured
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time to the sun and to rub his neck and shoulders and
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cant beside the state of Panama. These two little territories
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latissimus dorsi and the pectoralis major and sepa
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degrees. He was in the right if he gave wine from the
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Surgical literature reveals the existence of an al
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right greater than left. Left epigastric and abdominal
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after leaving Rio Blanco a cog road is employed which jiggles
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referred to me November 8 1910 and gave the foUowring
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they distinctly differ both chnically and microscop
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other disease seems to play any part as a causative
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decided upon a radical change in the ration bv lim
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about half an inch above the level of the upper border of the
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relaxation of the jaws. When the disorder has continued
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The more recent additions to the lield of electrotherapeu
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An exception has been found in cases in which ener
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with most important discoveries as to the routes taken by
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th.it which lives in the deep is lighter than one in shoal
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possible in this case to use atropine at the time of
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long thin tube with very fine holes at this time the
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the Mendongas and the Clarks appeared and in the arms of
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siastic host and hostess and their daughters tea with the de
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and wine or myrobalans with wine. If thtse have little
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can be obtained is certainly not indefensible if we
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testify as to the means by which the injury could have

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