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months before I saw him. He gave a history of being a

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of the consumption of alcoholic beverages has increased

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is in a living person for that the abdomen indeed may

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times the continued use of alcoholic liquors leads to re

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diet which is easily assimilated gastric lavage for

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a purely therapeutical point of view. In the treat

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thus neglect the treatment of their throats invaria

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El Tigre is one of society s retreats but the people of the

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indicated in hypertrophy if the glands are small but

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nation of the underlying factors is made for the re

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Park Improvement Club invited tht society s speakers to

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cles were then retracted laterally. About two thirds inch

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in the first case and in the other the blood. Therefore

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meeting is as follows The Physician as a Business Man

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acteristic lesions of tabes were present. Clinically

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time as far as the other angle. The consequence of which

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chronic and afebrile tuberculosis in which the mor

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that the conversation occurred in the doctor s office where

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of this infection in the majority of cases is through

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This rule ought carefully to be observed that the same

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A full account has been given by him in the Journal

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neither unites again nor is safely pierced by the needle.

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attempts have been made to utilize the condition of

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lights and an electric fan. The space between the berths and the

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will raise a great inflammation. La.slly when any humour

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I scleroderma i hemiplegia i chronic anterior poliomyelitis i

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that pass under that name for though one rationalist does

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dangerous for thus the body will be habitually deprived

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closely it can resemble icute Bright 1 teacher could

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over the former dispensary area. A unique feature of

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taining either carbolic acid one drachm to the quart

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introduced by Lister these were not associated with

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tion or notification. Proper notification also neces

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of the capsule of the ioints and the adhesions formed

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