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the process of agglutination. It is possible to make

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presented spindle formed dilatations but the vessel

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must be used three or four times at the distance of a few

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Governor of the territories. However it was not until 1580

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suppurate and break of themselves. If pus is contained

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dry. and looked older than the others. Nothing specially note

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elicits admiration the results of its use are far more

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thirty five pages constituting the third chapter are given

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that two types of retinal vascular changes might be

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be fractured and that sometimes happens in the fore part

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Matters of Sex a pamphlet entitled The Sexual Necessity

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cination as a protection against smallpox and cited

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port on their observations of urorosein and its clin

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masses of rock piled on each other tier upon tier and of such

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dition of a little honey. Some dress all the ulcers which

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that should characterize the right sort of woman to re

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ancient author Hippocrates who said that friction if vio

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University of Pennsylvania Assistant Pathologist University

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moepheric influences will have a decided effect upon the forms

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sharp elevator of the author s septal set is then sub

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being the famous Liberator Simon Bolivar. In Colonial days

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upon a vast sea of statistics without compass or sail blown hither

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treatment. Having a large practice he is frequently called out

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panied by considerable headache vertigo and vomiting.

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same made either from millet or barley oil roots of pot

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lem River and that part of Queens which naturally drains

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ened. But the patient may sooner venture to chew bread

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of old organic nervous lesions as in the more recent

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fissured or fractured bone then over that somewhat broad

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frequent repetition that the drink must be nothing but

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curred three months before which led her to conclude

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one half inch of the tube for consent concerning such

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that mere pressure has no effects upon the circula

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where the quantity is small and if large it may occasion

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ical jjathology made it intelligible understandable

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circuitous route and were soon in more distinctly mountainous

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patients but at the time of our visit it contained nine hundred.

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pot stratum super stratum. with sulphur and salt. Or else the copper

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alcoholic or narcotic habitue would have occasion to

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ence. British physicians always use the stethoscope and

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mediately upon the decline of the first. For this is an

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istence the soul must be fed just as well as the body the

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