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State is in meflical reciprocity with other States so

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The effect of subsequent x ray treatment is then the

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mediately after the meeting was called to order officers

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President Executive oflScer elected for five years ineligible

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rule have no fear of such an anesthetic as is often

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at the foot a prop which may both sustain and not suffer

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The Principles and Practice of Surgery being a Treatise on

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unites. And this medicine becomes more efficacious by

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rose in a body and cheered and applauded for several minutes.

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hypodermatically. A mouth wash consisting of a fifty per

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all the phases of hypnotism from the most ancient times

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of adhesions and more or less pulling upon the mes

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upon that account there ought to be a constant fire in the

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of Toronto from whom all information concerning i.can

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used the joints being at the same time rubbed with an

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details as to quantities labeling and arrangement. An

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with his wife and daughters accompanied by Dr. Clark his

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madness and death which makes it the more necessary to

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both the skin is to be cut and the bone laid bare and

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to the i onalderation and discussion of all matters affecting the Inter

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apy. The work is extremely compendious in character and

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bility of the upper extremity of the chest must be

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a large quantity of thick tenacious mucus containing many

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average rainfall for the year thirty nine inches the average

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ary during cephalic rotation and flexion of the lower extremities. Con

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her breast and shoulders and the blood has of a sudden

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in W l iam J Wa.70 and Dr Franklin H. Martin went to

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die Natur und die Herkunft des Trachomerregers etc. Berlin Urban

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this very optimism which is responsible for turning

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change in the senile arteriosclerotic group is ini

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necessary three to five large doses from two to five

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four or six weeks is imperative at the end of which

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patches at the back of the hard palate. The patient de

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enormous edema of the whole left lower extremity the

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If any thing has disagreed with him at supper he ought

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mobile is most enjoyable as it follows more or less closely the

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after exposure in 1 385 cases shows nineteen infec

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fetal life the two halves of the hard palate unite.

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other parts after which to rub it for some time lastly

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them are bald in a part others remain covered with hair

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necessary to mention the appearances by which we may

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and are too dry. It is useful as a medicinal vehicle

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typhoid fever appeared and the patient was finally re

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whose opinions in those matters have been directly oppo

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The literature of this society i onsists of a sixty four

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lo error in not bringing operative treatment to bear

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