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goes flew away and circled back to light again upon the water

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cough with profuse expectoration. The case was recognized

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from one animal to another. The habits of the fly. its

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tients than the man who carelessly lets his patients

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the uterus is suspended by intraperitoneal fixation

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Ulcers in the nostrils must be fomented with the steam

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auto ambulance with a medical attendant. We were fully two

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man can be a stomach specialist or a heart special

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the members of the Faculty were seated the students left their

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ed the latter undiluted and cover his head and continue

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a treatment somewhat different from the other. When the

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straight line through the ankle of perhaps a hundred

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table with which I have been familiar since its fir t

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treatment is to keep all extraneous matter away from the

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is a general rule vv henever the glans or any part of the

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other rare and curious conditions not readily to be found

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are open to two principal criticisms by the surgeons of North

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Clubs the State Federation of Women s Clubs of a wo

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Nature s efforts and cleanliness of the ulcer. With

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not experience any inconvenience in the use of the eye

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and perhaps superficial posterior urethritis as well

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natural magnitude. After the operation the same appli

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considerable the testicle ought not to be taken out but

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clusion of the arterioles and ulcerations the size of

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all the confidence that has been established for years

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recently made a visit to the States under the direction of the

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and physiology of the male and female generative organs

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ed wine. And if the nurse is costive she.must have a

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sink into the purple waters. First its lower rim was dipped

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readily cleared up and the patient has been restored

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Indiana and that some of his notes handled by them were

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iris there were no changes in the walls of the vein

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fervere. Thus Linden and Almeloveen. But by what follows it is

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were not made public until last week after receiving the

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deaths Indo China Jan. 2 8 197 cases 146 deaths Turkey in Asia

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cipal causes He that wants to be lax let him first use

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occur in the parts covered with hair but that which is

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fasting or surfeit and the like. For they say he will be

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