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will go far to saving the lives of many persons who

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more. The authors find premenstrual glands in many cases duririg

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a dilatation of the arteries and consequently to spare

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been so refractory to treatment in many instances that the most radi

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And this was not the mere day dreaming of a man over

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as in the furuncle but all the corrupted flesh is turned in

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flexure forward being allowed a man both stands erect

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it has been recently demonstrated that the cells of

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tants to the square mile. Of South American countries larger

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thirst. His mouth also may be washed when it is both

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part. Lastly after long purgings come dysenteries after

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peristalsis. It thus becomes the most sensitive test

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structures. Now there is movement in every joint without

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cable the prepuce mu t be drawn out as much as possible

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must be opened by the actual cautery or even cut with a

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trial would publish their results in order that his own observa

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When this is the case and time itself has brought the dis

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course of lectures on minor surgery delivered at the West

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and in cases of marked pancreatic disease it is best

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completely paralyzed the sensation in both was markedly

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wearing one of these shoes that the proper position

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and periods of temporary obscuration of vision and

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them all when he uses the word Ugo in this chapter.

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a tabetoparalysis were thought of we would still have

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In case the stone appears so large that it cannot be ex

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of cases hitherto thought to be exclusively surgical

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Head upon the Blood Circulation of the Inside of the Cranium.

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T. HE best cure for ulcers of long standing in the fingers

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came the great hurricane with its loss of over 3 000

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cological Agents Obtained from the Tropical Toad Bufo

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ever they certainly belong to the same class and the virtues ascribed to

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noon the pulse was 96 and temperature 100. During tne

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prostatic portion of the urethra. There is pain and

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he could not make out an object even when held close to

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small membranes connected with the more internal which

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