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exposed to the wind or cold or heat tliey are cured by a

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If the pain only is to be relieved the medicine is thirty

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fifth day violent fevers come on and a nausea continues

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that prior to his accident the boy knew nothincr of

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cember 9th Doctor Cryer curetted the affected area on

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with the common hemorrhoidal trunk and the anastomosis loop.

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alveolar ridge showed a typical epitheliomatous condition.

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hernia after operations for appendicitis through the

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nution of the reflex excitability of the mucosa. Leir

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by giving tliem to drink a decoction of poppies or henbane

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of Laval University in Montreal. The President said he had

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forty eight to sixty hours. After that smaller doses

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inch in diameter had formed and his sac having ruptured

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about the fifth or seventh day when that is abated the

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cosis due to her gluttonous habits. They were precipitated

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therefore decided that the situation called for more

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chloroform. He does not find it applicable to opera

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afterward a new Congress held at Buenos Aires cho a new

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daring operators. Dr. Ramos showed us his wards large airy

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section sometimes gives brilliant results by abstract

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