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thoroughly infiltrates the entire front of the neck.

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yet retain their proper colour they must be treated with

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unable to be present at the meeting and Dr. John Win

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occurrence was the absence of the thoracic reaction

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Ptosis of the transverse colon leads to contraction

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the central opacity in the posterior surface of the cornea.

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as incomparable and incorruptible as Wendell Phillips was.

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quently found at autopsy in chronic joint cases. In

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between collapsed lung and chronic pneumonia I need not go into.

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Microscopically the testicle was found to be 7.5 cubic

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This will obliterate the cavity and if union takes place between

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was first found in men working in the Simplon tunnel in

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and the wound being measured was found to be one half

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especially satisfactory on account of the superficial

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interrupted sutures. After the operation pulsation could

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in the use of the salicylates which had been Doctor

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