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named and long fevers and haemorrhages from the nose.

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briefly discussed and spirochetosis in lower animals is dealt

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cine preferably specific vaccine offer most promise

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lightest kind of food is to be given after that he is to

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proposed lecture must be made before June ist to the

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upon the body seems to be an excellent defence for it.

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when the inflammation has begun nor when the wound is

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granate bark in wine and bruising the inner part of it to

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water and applied momentarily to the cardiac and epigastric region.

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of hardly sufficient gravity to merit the slight risk

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New York Mrdical Journat. Fenruary 8 1908 What Is the Atti

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with curved scissors to within one or 1.5 centimetre

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hand the pulse is often raised and the vessels relaxed by

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blood three inches long removed dry cotton applied and

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gave a soothing hypodermic injection which was believed

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overdosing on valium and alcohol

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