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liurtful in any limb. When each of these sorts of fomen

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the lower part is slightly connected with the middle coats

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where the pain is felt. Such as have had haemorrhages from

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is usually felt beneath the breast tissues as a some

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places in the back of the head and below where the first

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frozen hand of the cadaver and injections into the variovis

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clean the patient s legs and buttocks with cotton or

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the wound be cleansed within lest any concreted blood be

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In this age of book making of flooding the market with works

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not be done hastily as in most cases but so as may be

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At one point high on the mountain we emerged upon a

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death Dutch East Indies Nov. 26 Dec. 2 761 cases 638 deaths

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luding the first shock of the distemper that there may be

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beyond its natural length then the bones must be pressed

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applied is the shortest which should be rolled about the

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concoction is effected by heat. After them follow the

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blood provided that presently ceases. Pleurisies that

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clear. No irritation followed the use of the benzin.

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VI. Hysteria The oldest example of hysterical mutism

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cotton soaked in bichloride solution. If the view is

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And the patient must be allowed to keep them in the po

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was asked his fee which he received after gracious

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are in position this line usually corresponds to the

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official. In this evening group we met the women the wives

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ily becoming worse was absolutely confined to bed and was

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patient taking any of these diets is compelled to live

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ing boys sometimes upon account of their Qfmjibulat

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anatomy of the Faculty of Medicine Dr. Ricardo Pazos Varela

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which the same method must be followed here as in inju

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index finger joints phalanges exposed and bones ne

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She was transferred to the Jewish Maternity Hospital for

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causes evident in which they inquire whether the be

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lieved from duty at Fort Shaffer and ordered to Scho

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lar lectures on subjects connected with the administration

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chef and married. As a child the patient had measles.

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we may expect the blood to assume a venous character under

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self before ten years and often still later while in

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not to interfere if possible with the uterus or pregnancy.

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water if the person be strong boiled squills may be tied

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whom he believed to be his teacher to take him out to

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nicious He the father should tell his son of the na

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dry friction to improve the circulation in tlie parts

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logical notes are very comprehensive and the clini

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