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what so few people who teach seem to realize in any appreciable

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clinical features in the cases should he thought re

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Federal Capital. Serve nine years one third retiring

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culture which showed an atypical perverted form of the

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to make such inspection. In this case the courts holds

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of medical doctors as to tlie means whicli might have I een

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derately heavy being clustered like a bunch of grapes of the colour of

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tive diarrhea and found purpura occurred in eleven

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together. Then from behind the patient s head an as

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that the cause of the pain is an anatomical lesion a

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turbed. Here are the purple and the yellow trees the masses

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fices of outlet and these arc for the cerebrospinal

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ginal but as offering what I consider useful modifications of the

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Diagnosis and Treatment of Diverticula of the Esophagus.

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are rubbed down with vinegar and being thus preserved

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contrary I find the stomach tympanitic as far down as two

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is the present custom. The addition of a sufficient

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the duct is a level path that one can follow for miles along

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tially dilated cervix and pull out uterine contents

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conclude the admirable conspectus of all branches of med

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that of ordinary affairs it is natural that the earnest

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vaccine Five cases of gonococcic infection reported

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resent the facts as we find them in our recent lit

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beach called Ipanema are located the American Country Club

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ricum but a certain quantity of chalcitis and a little more

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the dangers and sequelse of malaria is imperatively

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lating secretions does her work faithfully and well. Would we

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tinal obstruction. I shall not discuss the ordinary

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with the certainty of obtaining opinions and advice

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severe pain in the hypogastrium. She hao vomited ana

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processes was then appro.ximated by interrupted sutures

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bition in London there is a li t of remedies hut all seem

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Perfect sanitation immediately transformed the Canal Zone

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dry friction to improve the circulation in tlie parts

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or pale. There seems to be sanies in them below the

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ing in the most cordial manner with the surgeons of the North

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rule that what affords a good juice agrees with the sto

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that the relief aff orded in these cases has been due

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CHAP. I. Of the Internal parts of the human body 141

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exhilaration is certainly followed by a corresponding depression

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