Edward Reynolds End Results of Surgery in Neuiasthcnics

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both surgical and medicinal treatment of stuttering

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surgery. And still the affections of this region are amongst the

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arose from his bed much earlier than usual com laining of

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than the right. There is decided flattening of the left half of

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the patient must neither be full fed lest he grow outrage

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ulcer is to be fomented with abundance of warm water

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that he leaves and therefore from Italy to Alexandria is

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phylactoxine from streptococci which with our pres

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to be given on the afternoons of April 3d loth and 17th.

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fession that is a manual teaching such methods as are

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it requires to be alleviated by medicines with the addition

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wrinkles and if there is no appetite for food. And as

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the West Virginia Medical Journal has given a number

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Asclepiades who greatly changed the art of medicine.

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ultraviolet rays internally as well as externally ap

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The safety of any country lies in the development of a contented

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on April 16 to 18 1912. for the purpose of presenting a

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it was out of season the races were most interesting and we

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England recently to establish the relative merits of

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be intolerable and blood is discharged even bleeding is

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streptococcic bacterins cannot prevent scarlet fever.

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The audaciousness of others must be restrained as is prac

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had refrained from using the irrigation through the

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are given to the patients who leave the hospitals in

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tient was a physician single forty two years of age with

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ferred to me by Doctor Bailey of this society. This pa

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normal gradually increased until it reached 103. The

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pain in the knees were the chief symptoms at that time.

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crumble into dust than Argentines and Chileans break the

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surgery of the southern continent is a man whom it is

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in the clinical diagnosis the names of the clinicians

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sia with emphasis on the importance of the proper methods

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medicine alone that such contradictions as this act

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resin which is done by a probe wrapt up in wool and Jet

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applied with much more judgment when we are acquaint

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It was considered desirable to consult committees in the

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a professor The medical school was established in 1914 and

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to prei ent the procreation of other individuals with

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widely appreciated both as a means of mental training and as

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upper extremities. He had great difficulty in handling ob

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have to urge ourselves to continue the task that was

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since the eleventh is not the fourth but the fifth day after

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themselves and upon them to found his conjecture when

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nancy in doubtful cases could be determined. From a medico

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He was a tailor by occupation and had always been well

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