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from New York on the SS. Ebro an 8 000 ton steel ship

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From United States to Peru 5 cents for first ounce 3

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The eight mile motor trip along the sea boulevard was most

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as being an important factor in the amplification of

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iv.. to which is added turoentine resin till the whole be

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porating this College provides that the holders of Diplomas

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a place for a child than a comfortable city home. The

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Dr. Warren P. Morrill formerly of Baltimore has as

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these methods give but little relief it is usual by the ap

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York showed them to be in a greatly overcrowded condi

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missioned and other officers of the Public Health and Ma

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following points will greatly aid in making an early

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not found it possible to diagnosticate this condition

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displaced kidney and a ptosis or kinking of the transverse

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were given in addition to the mineral waters until the

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It b here that Gorgas did his magnificent work in building an

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lowed by General Necrosis of Maxillary Bones and Purulent

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are joined. But the kidneys are divided which adhere

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Refraction at One Metre Distance ivith the Plane Mir

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cardium Associated with Localized Colonies of Spirochaeta

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important cities are now engaged in expanding the movement

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in General Practice 354 1910. 11. NOEGGERATH and others

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medical schools in the States lack in appreciation of art

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great effusion of bJood therefore it is better to make use

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the bath he ought tirst to wrap himself up and sweat a

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food is to be given sometimes more quickly if another pa

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strap and the other the fore arm and the physician must

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the greater portion of the feces passed. All edges of the

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whole thrown into. a double white filter and the fil

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fected by his confining the orator to questions in dis

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resolta of real practical service. Any gentleman therefore

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On examination a small tumor was felt of which Heegard

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Another interesting head of a department of the Institute is

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the secondary or a diploma in the State normal school to

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be intolerable and blood is discharged even bleeding is

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thods of cure from th same period. Wherefore if any of

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he used a liquid suspension of lactic acid bacilli.

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Examination of the prostate under these conditions

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which subject she manifests considerable anxiety. She is per

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remarkable unanimity with which all the patients agreed in

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he came under observation he became suddenly dizzy and

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to the judgment of the physicians but insist upon the li

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iii 1908 The Clinical Concept of Hysteria. Boston Medical and

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