only because on that day she was graduated from Barnard with

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Tablr 70. Percentaue of entire titne given to obtfrvation and practice teaching

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by operation the precautions enumerated on p. 435 require a

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were allowed to dream for themselves but they always

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bership of all the professions dealing with medical sciences should

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physicians who said they did not care to have anything to do with

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intlie blood is least and when the trophic and plastic

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largely dispensed with. Better gradation of the course is desirable.

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required for the completion of the various curricula is concernetj.

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monastery looks down from a great height on a narrow

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their presence is attested by passages from various

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The requirements of Iftnd grant institutions for the appointment

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progress of investigation or contain nothing essential which is

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his view mnst remain donbtfnl so long as the development of


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as that of the medicab profes On although the development lags

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to depend upon the quantity and especially upon the quality

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Without all of you My Friends and Colleagues I surely

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supervisors. 3 Any mature individual who can carry work offered.

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tal of 91 practice schools. Those reporting on this point indicated

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On the other hand as lias already been stated p. 964 there

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s Lmversity of Minnesota. 1920 University of Wvonjlng. 1921

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much from you and have always been proud to be your daughter.

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Schultzen pointed out the effects of glycerine in diabetics some

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fered when a separate budget creates the Incentive..

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hygiene of infancy and of how to conserve life was practically

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The larger part of the present home economics teacher training

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are to interfere with our Social Liberty. And to the dogs the

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inevitably suffer neglect at least of an intellectual sort.

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the emaciation be rapid loose and flabby. The patients seldom

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mony by witnessing in person the act of incubation at

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