chlorosis occurring in oldish men previously in the enjojnnent
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certified successful experience in public schoolss In the University
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little fear of flooding the market with teachers of home economics for
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nation between such various forms of diabetes may have its
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function of the affected organs to be considered as primary
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we have framed standard diets with correct nitrogenous ratios
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the energy of the heart s action we must beware of anything
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Both in 1922 23 and in 1927 28 more institutions were subscribere
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vantages in a smallness of dose b convenience of adminis
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some milk after it has reached the city. It is possible to discover
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the wonder worker giving him bread and a goblet full
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rule occur in which the heart s sounds are comparatively very
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notice it may be given in powder or rubbed up with yolk of
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Iowa. Conforeuce of student itli head of department and dean.
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and the nervous strain consequently greater. And therefore I say
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or in a given locality or uoAp certain combinations of circumstances
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the very boundary line between physiological and pathological
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Dlffinilt for students to evalunte various factors In the cn s
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as those of longer duration like grief solicitude and care.
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as 40 students would require. The same may be said in regard to
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harmony between the medical and pharmaceutical professions is
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this clinical experience that frequent blood letting with good
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and that their structure is conformable to the type of a recent
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tity of good milk lactation ought to be unhesitatingly permitted.
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disks oligocythemia in the narrower sense of the term or to a
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organ is never simply increased but always altered in qual
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been new experiences and surprises new friendships and sorrowfully
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that any firm putting out a given product that by its quality
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method and this blood was found to produce exactly the same poisonous effects
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the churches as centres of healing were characterised
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If the patient happen to have been suffering from some disease
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and the institution in charge of these schools has other schools with
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stand some criticism. It needs it. The Council deserves criti
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Table 41 Faculty rank of number of demonstration and supervising teachers
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blood that no sugar passes over into the urine. By reason of
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colleges aie almost entirely Federally aided under the provisions

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