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with a cool breeze that was invigorating. In the evening we sat

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We began to pick our way through rugged hills along a

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five years of age a laborer married whose mother had

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cause in tropical anemia and this anemia is usually

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station and directed to proceed to Ellis Island N. Y.

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great vehemence he declared that he had felt pain in the

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Martin Director General of the American College of Surgeons

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College of Los Belles Artes in Quito. I was intensely interested

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Not a speck of normal skin could be found on the gluteal

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says that air too sometimes is forced into this part. He

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of Doctor Bates were certainly novel in the extreme

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Hospital. The superintendent of this hospital is likewise a

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into the pulmonary artery. In the sac of the tumour there

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some interesting statistics of the causes of blind

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the patient. The result is not always satisfactory

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so that even bruised garlic with milk is no bad mixture.

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for the South American surgeon as a surgeon but also with a

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ticated at birth are all the more interesting because

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