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the judgment is impaired and enfeebled. He is constantly

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A. Hawkyard Vaccine Treatment of Puerperal Septichemia.

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of absolute clinical value in differential diagnosis.

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plate will enable one to locate the foreign body with

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sometime it is more violent at other times more slight.

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there are many small membranes which inclose the veins

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see fit while at the same time protecting itself from

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And thus the Dietetick branch was also divided into two

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gonorrheal infection even in private practice is an

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port to the examining board at the Army Medical Mu

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ceremony took place at the side of a large swimming tank of

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also influences directly the muscles of the uterus.

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Jacobovici Autoplasty of the Face by Means ot Strips Cut without

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tients suffering with disorders of the nervous system.

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We have no doubt that many of our readers are familiar with.

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whose duties are to furnish the men with all neces

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