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tractile properties of these vessels and in some measure retards

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gan. The great tendency to faintness which distinguishes these

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periments are still wanting and first of all the question has to

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What you spend years building someone may destroy overnight

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distinct character of the pustulous eruptions known as ectliyma

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be secured by giving an emetic. Apomorphine was then admin

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instructors without detracting from the value of the courses for

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is not from the toes as Dr. Lopez stated but from the hands

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not be substituted for knowledge of the host which is often 60 per

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gree train teachers reports of land grant institutions shown in Table

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things that are useful and things that are outgrown and his

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must provide some very poor instruction. When an instructor

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cannot be sent to the specialist and the general practitioner will

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sis contending against such an invisible foe remains itself neces

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group When the present veterinary colleges graduate two to three

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on severe chlorosis bringing it into a nearer connection clini

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any reticence prompted by modesty and report it and thereby

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tions. The opinion was unanimous that any of the experts could

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external impulse to call it into play. The manner in which the

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Cornell University. By the provision of more courses for graduate students.

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training for stipervising teacher J 1 m immediate necessity in many

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exactly but give the statement on the authority of those who

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with those described above. The energy of the contractions

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energetic oxidation process in the whole region of the direct

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tains abundance of hydrocarbons dextrin malt sugar as well

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fession as to the nature and course of the disease. But how

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of the kind we may discover in any individual case ways and

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jectured that the isolation of the site which makes

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curriculum for teachers would not be justified unless other factors

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Some of our official journals have in their well known spirit

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Unjustified programs of expansion often lead to unduly small classes

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tales it is but a step to the awakening sexual instinct in most

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artics and stomachics a seemingly plausible question suggests

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confirmed by another of Ponfick s experiments. He found that

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ever as has been already remarked lie not a few cases of which

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the bones of the most extraordinary severity and extent may end

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different races all go back to unions that are either frankly tran

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TabIaE 7. Met icho served in the World Wgit icho hod received vnilitory

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tells of a woman who was cured after remaining there

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pneumonia and that it may be possible to destroy the toxins by

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patient passing the night in the church near Alexan

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factors some of which are not always necessarily located in the

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university Is the director of the summer school. For the most part the

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