Agricultural College of Utah Let heads of departments give at least one
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sex and age of chlorotic patients. In many cases therefore
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They give the story that an unknown god appeared to
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must we not permit our exchecquer to become depleted.
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will be necessary whether in discussing the causes the morbid
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When fever runs very high and there is rapid wasting it is
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is of no less importance than the selection of their quality. The
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temple of Isis at Tithorea. It was the chief sanctuary
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complications and still more cogent specialization is largely a
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tribute to produce inanition and consequent marasmus but vide
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pressed upon my mind that pepsin acted only in an acid medium
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With the first statement made in this editorial we are inclined
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entirely from the other nutrient elements and therefore in the
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vantage to society. Without in any sense approving of this view
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pensions of both live and killed organisms were found to protect
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and minor eiecutives and after successful experiences there move up
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ties and lack of privacy in the dwellings of the poorer classes.
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of desirable professional standards. Supervision o veterinary col
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cloth and licked his eyelids round about it seemed to
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of the one or the other excretory product by which apart from
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the State and from the fact that the affiliations of their officials are
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research than to subsidize or to assist in administering local educa
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costals is rare if ever present in the horse. Where widespread
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BOVININE technique in the treatment of ulcers will be supplied on
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Journals. I asked him to attack those journals by name and to
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lime deposit in the arteries interferes with the elasticity and con
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the appropriate organization since the military department has
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for all supplications to be offered and where the saint
great veins like the remainder of the vascular system are some
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or low sounding titles which mean nothing and only serve to
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Tli p nverace number of trnininc school classes or class sectlon.s available for
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in two lines of three or four deep with a passage down
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remains wholly latent or only attracts attention at its very out
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this does not exclude the development of a true diabetes mellitus
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gland tumors are predisposed to phthisis pulmonalis we find
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tablished their products may be no matter how necessary we may
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of pepto mangan making the statement that they were investi
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in August and at the feast of S. E amp sio Pula near
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In other cases slight scrofulous affections of the skin and lym

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